Our Services

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  • Basic Mow and Trim Package
    • Includes mowing the entire lawn, use of a string trimmer in all needed areas, blowing off all surfaces such as decks, patios, driveways and door mats
    •  Pick up and disposing of small yard debris (fallen sticks, etc).
  • Bed Maintenance
    • Includes keeping beds free of weeds and debris 
  • Trimming/Pruning Bushes and Trees
    • We provide this service for bushes, plants and trees up to 10 feet tall
  • Leaf clean up                                                                                                            We offer curb side pick up , on site management and weekly or bi- weekly leaf clean ups 
  • Fertilizer                                  
  •              Fertilizing your lawn helps to promote lush, green growth and also aids in disease resistance. A well-fertilized lawn is less likely to be damaged by pests and diseases. Turf needs certain nutrients to grow, and fertilizer helps provide those nutrients as the soil is depleted.